GSE Architecture workgroup 25 september 2019 on Containers and Z

Somewhat dated news, but wanted to share anyway because I thought it was very interesting. On 25 September the GSE NL architecture workgroup gathered at Belastingdienst in Apeldoorn. 

Frank van der Wal from IBM presented IBM’s Container strategy for Z, after the recent announcements around Z Container Extensions.

Mattijs Koper from Belastingdienst shared the advancements and views in Belastingdienst on containerization on Z.

Both talks ignited very interesting discussions on this important development.
Presentations attached: Belastingdienst, IBM_Containers_and_z

By the way… everyone is welcome to join the GSE NL Architecture workgroup. 
Please follow this link to register (GDPR – friendly):  – use checkbox “Architect”. You will then receive updates and announcements from the workgroup. 

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