Blog site intent

The Obverse Architect is a website that features insights, tools, links, and educational resources concerning the business and philosophy of IT consulting and architecture, technology, and knowledge useful to building an IT profession.

My mission here is to share alternative views to “conventional wisdom” in IT but also to technology hypes so to allow the reader, whether a user, a IT manager or a consultant, to separate the wheat from the chaff and derive more value from their IT investments and activities.

Feel free to use what you read, provided that you supply proper attribution.

Great if you wish to collaborate on this site, please send me en email through the address below.

Thanks for visiting!

– Niek de Greef

Rules of the blog

My intent is to publish new articles every week. Some will be on IT stuff, some on whatever else is of interest to me at any given moment.

If you would like to contact me: send me an email at

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